Rostwague House

House & History

A beautiful, private manor house with an impressive Elizabethan façade and medieval origins, Rosteague’s lawned frontage looks to the sea, witnessing its daily changing moods from brilliant sunlit turquoise to angry deep blue-black.

Both its privacy and its romantic setting is achieved by the surrounding pastures that undulate gently down to its own coastline – the foliage covered rocks and glassy rock pools punctuated by shell covered beaches.

Variant Spellings
of Rosteague

Rosteak, Restak, Restack, Resteak,
Rostek, Rystek, Rostege,
Rosteague, Roseteague

Cornish translation of Rosteague

Ros – fair
Teague – heath or daek – full of riches


Roseland Peninsula, Portscatho, Gerrans, 1 mile from village, 5 mins walk from coast.

1363 The first resident is Ralph de Restak
1501 The Petyt family build the chapel
1500's The Mohuns inherit , Reginald being one of Sir Walter Raleigh's Captains.
1620 148 years of the kempe family followed,
1670 The magnificent French Garden created.
1761 Nicholas Kempe is Sheriff of Cornwall.
1780 John Harris establishes a small deer park
1830 "Mad" Mary Hartley and her son inherit.
1894 The Vangruten accede after legal battle.
1940 The Land Army occupy during World War II
1946 The McKenna family reside converting the old Cider House into an impressive Music Room.
Today, the estate is owned by the Milton family, who have made extensive restorations.